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For over 23 years Health Advantage has been providing wellness services in Columbia and the surrounding areas. We cover every aspect of health & fitness and our clients get results.

From ages 13 to over 80, covering fat loss, sport specific athletic training, bodybuilding, cardio/respiratory fitness, general health to post physical therapy we have the education and experience it takes to help you excel.

We will:

  • Assess your physical condition
  • Help you set proper goals
  • Design goal oriented training sessions
  • Help you create a personal lifestyle nutritional plan
  • Coach proper strength training technique
  • Motivate and encourage
You can expect:
  • Improved heart and lung condition
  • More energy and stamina
  • A stronger and leaner physique
  • Better bone and joint health
  • Improved sports performance

All of our services are contract free.  Whether you require help designing a workout plan for your home, for use in another facility, or need a trainer full time we are experienced professionals in business to serve! 
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